7 SCORES & The People's Mic Khutba is a book of scores responding to Muslim social life under siege. This work is ensconced in a haunting of its own living, in a hyper awareness of the deportations, imprisonment and surveillance of friends, families, lovers and strangers.

Bodies standing, sitting, kneeling, suspended, stripped and strapped down, at rest and restless, side by side and in solitary, in moments of debility and disability are this work's very conditions of possibility. These scores are animated by the sounds of prayer, chants, recitations, cries, and hands striking flesh but also by whispers and silences that give way to breath and breathlessness. We score a manual for the already there, and for that which must not be unseen. 7 Scores & The PMK draws from institutional and personal archives of prayer books and religious manuals that are written and translated in English, Urdu and Arabic. 

The book is the basis for a series of performances, some without audiences, at multiple sites across the world.